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David Dittrich Mink . The Center of Excellence.

Center of Excellence Model

David Dittrich Premium North American Mink Center of Excellence

Based on our “Center of Excellence Model” for mink production, we are committed to raising our mink in the highest standards and in an ethical manner. A&M Dittrich Mink Farm Inc. has received the Fur Farm Award of Merit in recognition of outstanding care of farm raised mink, and a commitment to uphold these standards and guidelines of the Fur Commission USA Animal Welfare Committee.

Our Management Team values the importance of traceability, ensuring our market audience is aware of the continual care we provide to our animals based on the mink life cycle. A nutritional diet is developed and prepared specifically for David Dittrich mink, they are housed in regulated sized nest boxes/cages and receive prompt veterinary care.

To ensure the uniformity and quality of the pelting for the David Dittrich Collection, all pelts are processed at Norpol USA LLC, our state-of-the-art pelting center located in Medford, Wisconsin, United States. Pelts are packaged and sent to partnering fur auction houses for further grading and inspection.

Our mink pelts are sold through major auction houses: North American Fur Auctions (NAFA) in Canada, Kopenhagen Fur in Denmark, Saga Furs Oyj in Finland, and American Legend Cooperative (who now have a partnership with Saga Furs and sell through the Helsinki Auction House.) The majority of our mink pelts are transported to NAFA in Toronto, Canada. Our pelts are received on consignment and are sold to fur garment manufacturers and fur pelt dealers internationally. With the utmost respect for the mink we raise, we have embraced a “green philosophy” where the whole animal is utilized to produce such by-products as animal feed, pet food and rendered oil for bio-fuel.

To further verify authenticity, the David Dittrich Collection label name is copyrighted, making the label recognizable and distinct. With precise attention and commitment to our employees and animal well-being, we produce some of the finest quality North American mink in the world.

David Dittrich Mink Farm

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