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Valuing what we do...

June 27, 2016

The sun is starting to peak over the horizon here on the farm.  Workers are getting ready for another busy day!  Manager, Martin Alvarado daily meets with his Supervisors and Team Leads.  Each week a list of tasks are prepared and shared with his Team Leads with ongoing follow-up and a review at the end of that week.  The importance of training and making sure there is good animal husbandry is a key component to Martin's job.  "For me," says Martin "caring for our mink is top priority and making sure they grow healthy.  I need a good strong team to help me make this happen!"  FarmManager

Farm Supervisors and Team Leads play a valuable role.  They work closely with their Farm Workers on their individual teams to carry out their weekly tasks.  As one Team Lead shared, "Every single job is important to ensure the adequate growth and development of our mink.  I enjoy working outside with my Workers and the other Team Leads."  What the Supervisors, Team Leads and the Farm Workers do brings value to our Company.  Everyone works hard and we all take great pride in our work.

Martin has been a Mink Farmer for over 25 years and brings a wealth of information and knowledge to the farm.  Martin sums it up perfectly, "I make sure everyone is doing their jobs on time and accurately to raise a quality mink!"



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