Premium North American Mink from David Dittrich

Don't just take our word for it. Ask our partners.

Pride, dedication, commitment, and a strong work ethic are all characteristic of our team, as we work together to make the David Dittrich Collection the best collection possible! These sentiments are echoed by our many colleagues and partners at the local, national, and international levels.

At North American Fur Auctions we take great pride in working with A&M Dittrich Mink Farm, Inc. The David Dittrich Collection has for many years been one of our top labels, producing high-end, quality North American mink. We have a reputation around the world for providing superior quality mink to our buyers, and we have every confidence that A&M Dittrich Mink Farm through the David Dittrich Collection will continue to meet our demanding requirements.
Rob Cahill
NAFA, Senior Vice-President Marketing
The mission of North American Fur Auctions (NAFA) is to be the premium seller and consignor service provider of the highest quality, origin-assured, and broadest selection of fur pelts globally.
A&M Dittrich Mink Farm strives to maintain the best health and care for the animals by continual health screening and monitoring of the animals on the ranch. This is combined with routine feed quality and component analysis to ensure nutrient requirements and feed quality is maintained at the best level possible.
Dr. Hugh Hildebrandt
Medford Vet Clinic, FCUSA/CMBA Ranch Services
It is Medford Vet Clinic's sincerest desire to see our customers get the best value for the animal care services we provide at our clinic.
A&M Dittrich Mink Farm strives to provide a safe and healthy environment for their team members, visitors and animals. They lead the business industry in developing and providing procedures, best practices and education to stay abreast with ever-changing regulations. Their operations define safety and health ethical values. As the premier safety consultant for A&M Dittrich Mink Farm, we are proud to be partners in their success.
Jen Nieuwenhuis, M.S.
President/Owner of REI Engineering, Inc.
REI Engineering Inc. provides comprehensive, practical solutions focused on the civil engineering, surveying, environmental, and regulatory compliance needs of our business partners throughout the Midwest.
The city is proud to have A&M Dittrich Mink Farm call Medford its home. We enjoy a close working relationship with A&M that benefits our community. Employing local residents and hiring local contractors all contribute to them being a superior corporate citizen. By providing spin-off opportunities for other small businesses in town, A&M continues to be a major player in the economic growth of Medford.
Michael Wellner
Mayor of the City of Medford, Wisconsin, USA
The City of Medford is a progressive community located in north central Wisconsin, USA. The city is known as the industrial hub of the area with strong industrial, agricultural, and manufacturing sectors.
A&M Dittrich Mink Farm Inc. has received the Fur Farm Award of Merit in recognition of outstanding care of farm raised mink, and a commitment to uphold the standards and guidelines of the Fur Commission USA Animal Welfare Committee.
Fur Commission USA
The Fur Commission USA has been representing US Mink Farmers since 1994.

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